Saturday, August 8, 2015

Why did that offend you?

I am not an expert in making people who have low wits and abusive tendencies understand things, but here is an attempt:
Would you believe that many of the activities you think is perfectly moral could be obscene, had you lived in another time or place?
1 . Did you watch a serial or the news on the TV today? Lucky that you aren't in North Korea, where it is the height of immorality to watch private TV channels that destroy your moral values. The punishment for watching aprivate channel is death. They executed people recently too.
2. Did you go to the house next to yours to ask whether they have a step ladder? If the lady of the house was the only present, Daesh would have killed you and her, it's immoral to be alone with a woman in Syria unless she is your immediate family member.
3 . Did you go to the doctor today and say "I broke my leg while playing football?" .Lucky that you are not living in Victorian Britain, where the word leg was in the class of profane words, since top end of your leg is near your genitals.
4. Did you just say you love Shakespeare? Man, you are really lucky you are not living in 18th century UK. Shakespeare's original works were obscene . You should have read a censored version.
5. Did any female members of your family go out without wearing socks? If you were in old China, the community would have outcast you and family. Decent and chaste girls were supposed to cover their toes, not covering their bottoms would be a much lesser crime.
6. Did you just ask that hotel attendant where the toilet is? He would have slapped you if you were in Victorian Britain. You should ask where you can brush your hair, since toilet, urine, stool and stuff were considered as high order obscene words.
7. Did any female member of your family have a medical checkup? In medieval Europe they would have been termed as prostitutes because chaste women wouldn't let the doctor examine them, they would point at parts of a mannequin at doctor's office and tell him it hurts there instead.
The list is endless. Did you get it? If you change the time or place, most of the things you do in ordinary life that you think are normal would turn obscene.
Civilized societies had nonsense laws too, centuries back. They fought hard and got rid of them. We are late by centuries, but you know it's better to be late than never.

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