Saturday, August 8, 2015

Vrata suddhi

De boarding of a woman and child at the demand of Shabarimala pilgrims remind me of my Hyderabad days.
There during the vrata season devotees get away from their houses and form bachelor groups, since being in the presence of women is bad. They eat only vegetarian food cooked by men. Those who can afford drive their own vehicles or hire autos driven by men, since public transport will have woman pax. When they start to Shabarimala they crowd in all male compartments.
However, at work they don't have a problem with women being around them! If he works for a lady, he would find her presence in the office absolutely fine. If he is a doctor, there is absolutely no harm dealing with women patients and women coworkers. If he is an auto driver, there is no problem accepting female passengers.
The difference is that they don't have any choices when it comes to work.

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