Saturday, August 8, 2015

Emotional Politics

I had a friend in college. A couple of years senior to me. He has a unique name, if I tell that many here may recognise him. So let's call him James.
James was an emotional leftist . He was always angry and sad that my logically left mind was not red enough. He used to accuse that my politics was too benign to be termed left, or that I was not "left enough"
I didn't hear from James for a decade and a half after he left college. Then we met again at a wedding function. We were happy to see each other after so long. He was emotionally Kerala Congress (M) then. He was emotionally sick of leftism and was angry and sad that I still a leftist. He went at length about why leftism isn't natural, he even made some attempts to misquote evolutionary theories and the concept of the selfish gene.
My training yesterday was on transactional analysis - the PAC model. Everyone presented a personality. I chose to present James. The class came to the conclusion that his ego has a confused parent, a slightly distorted adult and a dominant child. Trainer also by and far agreed to the class's majority opinion. So much about emotional politics.


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