Thursday, February 28, 2013

Evolution, Discovery and Invention

Before  humans, when there were only dinosaurs…
Dinosaurs and some other animals.

Yes, then. Then… where were the languages?
Well,  there were no languages then. After humans evolved, they started communicating with each other in so many sounds. Then  the sounds became codes with meanings – like  if I scream “Kree” that means there is a tiger over there,  everyone better watch out.  And when you scream”Aah” it means “there is food over there.” Then it   evolved to structured words  that  can convey more, like “Kree koo see” means” there is a tiger over there, everybody  join together with spears”. That’s how sentences evolved. Sentences  of different kind were made, like the one which you can ask, the one which you can  pass information and the ones you use to express   feelings. Rules became  complex to make complex  talks  and it becomes a complete language. Since people were isolated in so many places then, so many different languages evolved.

How did  food people eat evolve?
Food  did not evolve with us, in that sense. People started hunting for food, then they discovered  what are edible, and what was not. Some people  might have eaten some mushroom and found  it is tasty and good. Some others might have eaten poisonous mushrooms and people knew then they can kill. Finding out something that is already there, but you did not know of  is called  discovery.   For example, people did not know  we breathe in oxygen from air till some hundreds of years back , but we had been doing  it all the time!

How did they discover Karate then?
Karate was not discovered.  Ancient  people invented some good forms of fighting and then it was developed further  for better fighting. Karate is one of those fighting style inventions, though parts of it kind of evolved too. The Karate you learned, Shotokan was  developed  by   Great  Master Funakoshi.  Regarding inventions, Karate is not a good example, since it has heavy elements of  evolution and discovery too. Have you ever thought how did  they make a bicycle?

There were only horse and bullock drawn carts as forms of transportation. A genius,   believed to be a guy named McMillan  created a  machine  which will go on two wheels  if you peddle it fast enough.  Everyone  greatly benefited  from this  invention.

Then an animal doctor named Dunlop  bought a bicycle for his son and his son was getting neck problems and headache because riding the bicycle was  very bumpy and harsh. He thought  of some way to  reduce the shock and bumps in a bicycle ride and came up with the idea of making rubber rings around the iron wheels. Thus Dunlop invented the tyres  we use today.

Evolution means something came into existence  or changed by itself. Discovery means something was already there, but  no one knew until someone found out. Invention means  it was not there but someone thought  of it and made it happen. Languages evolved.  Poisonous mushrooms were discovered and bicycle was invented.

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